The idea for a wargaming conference was conceived in 1992 when Matt Caffrey, a Research Associate for Wargaming at the Air Command and Staff College’s (ACSC) School for Advanced Air Power Studies (SAAS) was approached by the new Commandant of ACSC, Colonel John Warden.  Colonel Warden wanted to remold the way that wargames were incorporated into the ACSC curriculum, and as a part of this effort, he was looking for a way to shift the focus of the discipline, from highly technical and tactical to a game which was both comprehensive and exciting.  Matt suggested that a conference be established, which would bring together various wargaming practitioners to develop “best practices” for the field – and in 1993, Connections was born.

Held annually since 1993, the mission of Connections is to advance and preserve the art, science, and application of wargaming.  The conference works each year to facilitate a useful exchange information on achievements, best practices and needs of all elements of the field of wargaming, from military, to commercial, to academic applications.