Connections 2016

Draft Agenda as of 14 July 2016


Enduring Mission:  Advance and Preserve the Art, Science and Application of Wargaming

2016 Theme/Goal:   Advancing Wargaming as a Catalyst for Innovation

2016 Objectives:       Identify ways to:

  • Catalyze innovation through using wargaming as a crucible for concepts
  • Growing tomorrow’s wargame innovators
  • Building a culture of comprehensive wargame application


Day 1, Tuesday, 9 August 2016

0900 – 0910                  Welcome

0910 – 1030         Halsey Alfa (Secret/NOFORN), James FitzSimonds, NWC

0910 – 1030                  An Introduction to Wargaming, Mr. Matt Caffrey, AFMC, Col, USAF (ret.)

1030 – 1050                  Break

1050 – 1140                  Wargaming Best Practices, CDR Phil Pournelle, OSD NA, US Navy

1050 – 1140                  Game Project Management Process, Dr. Shawn Burns, USNWC

1140 – 1320                  Lunch

1210 – 1310                  The OSD Wargame Initiative

  • COL Gorak, OSD/CAPE
  • CDR Pournelle, OSD/ONA

1320 – 1430         Wargaming in the Services

  • US Army: LTC Brent Kaufman, USA, USAWC
  • US Navy: Dr. Shawn Burns, NWC
  • US Air Force:  TBD
  • US Marine Corps: Dr. William J. Lademan, Ph.D, MCWL/WD
  • US SOCOM: LTC Todd Reid

1430 – 1445                  Break

1445 – 1515         Wargame Design, Lt Col Krajacich, USMC, NWC WGD

1515 – 1530                  Incorporating Cyber into Gaming, Dr. Shawn Burns, USNWC

1530 – 1600                  Stakeholder Management, CDR Chris Baker, USNWC

1600 – 1630                   War Gaming Pathologies; When wargames go bad, and what to do about it?
Dr. Stephen Downes-Martin

1630 – 1645                  Intro to and overview of Working Groups

1645 – 1700                  Intro to and overview of Game Labs

1730 – 2200                   Ice Breaker



Day 2, Wednesday, 10 August 2016

0830           Welcome

0840           Keynote 1:  Lt Gen Steven L. Kwast, Commander, Air University, USAF

0930           Break

0950           Keynote 2:   Brig Gen Brian M. Killough, Director of Strategy, Concepts and Assessments, Dep Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Requirements, HQ USAF

1040           Overview of Connections
Co-Chairs:  Matt Caffrey, Tim Wilkie (NDU)

1100           Intro to Demos
Co-Chairs: Scott Chambers, Maj Eric Frahm

1110           Demo/Poster Session & Lunch

1250           Game Lab, initial phase.
Committee: Sean Brady, Tim Wilkie, Mark Gracy, Eric Freiwald, James Sterret, Tom Mouat, Brian Train

1400           Working Groups, initial meeting

1430           Break

1450 Speaker Panel 1: Wargaming: A Crucible for Concepts

Objective: Develop wargaming techniques that explicitly test to destruction proposed innovative warfighting concepts in order to identify those worth pursuing
Co-Chairs: Dr. Stephen Downes-Martin and Dr. David Banks
Dr. Hank Brightman (Naval War College) “Employing Qualitative Methods in the Destructive Testing of War Game Designs”
Dr. Jonathan Lockwood (Lockwood Research Associates, LLC) “Strategic Free Play Wargaming as the Optimum Approach for Testing New Concepts”
Dr. Yuna Wong (RAND) “Did Your Concept or Your Wargame Fail?”

1620           Break

1640           Speaker Panel 2: Growing Tomorrow’s Innovators
Objective: Explore the effectiveness and feasibility of options to facilitate the development of innovators
Co-Chairs: Matt Caffrey & Major Eric Frahm
Major Eric Frahm, LCWI, Back to the Future:  Revisiting Small-Scale Wargames and the Integration of M&S into Wargame Design
Dr. Mel Deaile, Center for Unconventional Weapons Studies, The Risk of Wargaming
Joseph M. Saur, MS/CS, CMSP, Principal Lecturer in Cybersecurity, Regent University, “Teaching Wargaming at Marine Corps University: Lessons Learned”


1810           Break

1830           Evening Wargames

2200           End



Day 3, Thursday, 11 August 2016

0830            Keynote 3:  John Warden, Colonel, USAF (ret.)

0920           Break

0940           Speaker Panel 3:  Wargaming and Organizational Change
Objective: Explore ways to implement the appropriate application of wargaming
Chair:         Paul Vebber
Dr. John Tiller, John Tiller Software, Strategies for Organizational Change, A Practical Approach
Michael K. Robel, Principle Senior System Engineer, General Dynamics Information Technology, Innovations in Outcome Based Training for Seminar Wargames
Dr. Thomas Choinski, Deputy Director for Undersea Warfare, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Macro Perspectives on Wargame Culture and Innovation


1110           Lunch

1120           Introduction of sponsor/host for Connections 2017
Dr. William J. Lademan, Ph.D, Technical Director, MCWL/WD

1130           2016 Special Panel: International Wargaming, Maj Tom Mouat, British Army

1210           Game Lab, final phase: Create and execute several types of expedient wargames

1510           Break

1530           Working Groups:

Group #1:   Wargaming: A Crucible for Concepts

Group #2:   Growing Tomorrow’s Wargame Innovators

Group #3:   Wargaming and Organizational Change
1730           Adjourn – Optional Dinner by Working Group



Day 4, Friday, 12 August 2016

0830           Outbrief Introductions

0840           Report on Game Lab

0855           Report on International Wargaming

0910           Group #1:   Wargaming: A Crucible for Concepts.

0940           Break

1000           Group #2:   Growing Tomorrow’s Wargame Innovators

1030           Group #3:   Building a Culture of Comprehensive Wargame Application

1100           Comments from Quad-Chairs

1115           Closing Remarks, Matt Caffrey & Tim Wilkie

1125           Connections “Hot Wash”

1200           Connections 2016 ends




AFMC                  Air Force Materiel Command

CAPE                            Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation

LCWI                             LeMay Center Wargaming Institute

MCWL/WD                   Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory/Wargaming Division

M&S                    Modeling and Simulation

NDU                    National Defense University

NWC                    Naval War College

ONA                    Office of Net Assessment

OSD                     Office of Secretary of Defense

SOCOM               Special Operations Command