Working Group 5

Educating Wargamers

Working Group 5 asks how the Professional Wargaming community will pass down the art and science of wargaming to the next generation of designers. Though the group is no longer actively recruiting, papers submitted to Co-Chair Sebastian Bae ( following the guidelines on the working group Google Drive will be considered for the anthology.


  • To produce an edited volume for publication on wargaming education by the end of the 2021 summer
  • To establish a structure and curriculum for the Connections Wargaming Education sessions (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • To produce a presentation for the last day of Connections on our working group 

Additional Objectives:

  • Quickly compile an intro on the importance of wargaming more effectively than our adversaries. (If wargaming is not important, wargame ed is not important.)
  • Reach a consensus on what wargame education/training is needed by category; leader, strategist, programmer, planner, educator, wargame practitioner.  (Other?)
  • Reach out to each service, OSD, JS, Combatant Commands, IC, State to determine numbers of each category in their organization.
  • Develop initial draft of subject matter and delivery method for initial training and continual professional development/maintenance by group.
  • Develop a draft of the initial and annual cost of providing education training to all populations identified.
  • Provide recommendations for how effort is to be organized; under NDU?  In house/contract mix? Each community executes their education?
  • Justify 10% more faculty to allow time capacity for faculty to provide input to wargame tech decisions.