Working Group 6

Wargaming for Education

From the Wargaming for Education Website:

The Connections 2021 Working Group on Wargaming for Education will explore how educators can use wargames and wargame techniques to teach leaders how to think and act in their own fields and disciplines, and for active learning and engagement in classroom environments. Wargames and wargame techniques allow future leaders to test strategies, take risks, and form cohesive teams in a risk free environment. Wargames also allow students to immerse themselves in course materials and experience concepts beyond simple lecture.

We invite participants to join in this conversation and do at least one of the following:

  • Write a paper on a topic related to wargaming for education, such as complete games, lessons learned, and the active learning pedagogy / andragogy.
  • Comment on other papers or in general.
  • Attend our workshop at Connections 21 and discuss a select set of topics in an open forum.