Our Community

One of the major challenges facing wargamers is building a cogent community: perhaps it is due to the classification levels of many wargames, or the fragmented nature of wargaming.  Games are of critical necessity, across a variety of disciplines, within the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and for a wide range of audiences.  We do not know what effect this decentralization will have on a discipline that relies so heavily on tradition, research, and institutional knowledge.

It is a simple truth that all of us are smarter then any of us. In his book and PBS series “Connections” James Burke describes how the advancement of technology depended on connecting knowledge from one field with innovators in another field. Too often practitioners in one branch of the wargaming do not even know the other branches exist. Building a wargaming community will allow practitioners to share best practices, needs and achievements.

We hope that this website will facilitate building a wargaming community by providing information on the discipline wargaming, and providing a common point of reference to those new to wargaming as well as those with long experience. This can make it easier to form a community, but it will take the initiative if individual practitioners of wargaming to make such a community a reality.