Connections 2016

Connections 2016 will be held August 9-12 at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, hosted by the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute.  This year’s theme is: “Advancing Wargaming as a Catalyst for Innovation.” Through this theme, we are excited to identify opportunities to enhance the ability of wargaming to serve as a catalyst for developing and exploring innovative options for future strategic security problems and opportunities through improved methodologies and enhanced education of wargame practitioners and sponsors.

Registration for Connections 2016 is open to attendees with Common Access Cards or DoD Retiree IDs. If you do not have these, contact Connections staff ( scott.m.chambers.civ (at) ) immediately if you have not registered yet.

The conference is open to all contributors to the field of wargaming: military, government, defense contractors, academics, and recreational gamers. While not open to those who purely enjoy wargames, Connections does define “contributor” broadly. Connections welcomes everyone from a senior wargame director to a newly assigned lieutenant, from a wargame publisher to a play tester.