2016 DATES AND VENUE:  Connections 2016 will be held August 9-12 at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, hosted by the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute.  This year’s theme is: “Advancing Wargaming as a Catalyst for Innovation.”

Registration for Connections 2016 is now open!  Register by July 22!

The Connections 2016 draft agenda is now posted here and will be updated regularly as we approach the conference.

The Connections Wargaming Conference is an annual event which is held each summer to bring together practitioners from every segment of the wargaming community.  This conference is the only national event dedicated solely to wargaming.  Connections US has been held every year since 1993, Connections UK was established in 2013 at Kings College London, and Connections Australia was established in 2014 at the University of Melbourne.