The Connections Wargaming Conference is an annual event which is held each summer to bring together practitioners from every segment of the wargaming community. Connections is open to all wargaming practitioners, and we welcome international participation.

Connections 2017 will be held in Quantico, VA, August 1-August 4, 2017.

Registration for Connections 2017 is now open!  Watch this space for additional information about this year’s conference!

Interested in presenting something during our demonstration/poster session on Tuesday, August 1?  Please email ConnectionsDemos@gmail.com with a description of your demo, poster, or playtest, or with any questions you might have.

The current draft of the Connections 2017 agenda can be found here.

Connections 2017 lodging arrangements: A block of rooms are reserved at the Crossroads Inn in Quantico.  Be sure to mention that you are attending Connections 2017.  Contact info for the Crossroads Inn is available at their website.

Connections US has been held every year since 1993, Connections UK was established in 2013 at Kings College London, Connections Australia was established in 2014 at the University of Melbourne, and Connections Netherlands was established in 2014 by SAGANET. These conferences are all independently managed and hosted, but they share a common mission to provide wargaming practitioners with a venue to share best practices and advance the field. Together, the Connections conferences around the world are building the wargaming community of practice and working to improve the use of wargaming as a tool for research, analysis, education, and policy.