Workshops and Working Groups

Every year, Connections attendees attend our annual array of Workshops, pooling their collective experience to solve questions facing the Wargaming community and raise new ones. The topics – suggested, selected, and run by volunteers from the wargaming community – typically reflect the year’s theme or cover reoccurring demands faced by professional wargamers.

Certain Workshops are also supported by Working Groups, teams of professional wargamers who organize before the conference to advance wargaming scholarship through papers, recommendations, and even game designs. These working groups have produced spectacular products for the community, which we are proud to host on our site and other professional wargaming outlets.

Working Groups 2022:

  • Working Group 1: Social Science Evidence for Wargaming Effectiveness
  • Working Group 2: Climate Change Wargaming
  • Working Group 3: Experimentation and Wargaming

Additional information from Working Group 2: Climate Change Wargaming:

The U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, the United Nations, and other nations are now investing money in wargaming climate change. But what does that really mean? Come hear a customer point of view and engage with officials from the Pentagon, State Department, and USAID on the question of how gaming can help them plan for a profound shift in the global security landscape. We’ll start the working group with a panel, followed by open discussion with participants.

Climate Working Group Panel:

Moderator: Honorable Sharon E. Burke – Ecospherics

Annalise Blum – Office of Arctic and Global Resilience Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Allison Brown – Bureau of Conflict Prevention and Stabilization, USAID

Commander Andrea Cameron – US Naval War College

Chris Kennedy – Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, US Department of State

Julia McQuaid – CNA

Click on the links below to see the completed products of previous Working Groups