Connections 2020

Last Updated August 5, 2020

The current draft of the Connections agenda is available here.  This document will be updated as we approach the conference.  All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (U.S.).

Game demonstrations, playtests, and general gameplay have always been an important part of the Connections experience.  In an online environment, that becomes much more challenging, but we have a number of events running outside of our core program that are available for conference participants to attend.  Some require a preregistration with the organizer.  See here for the complete list of game events, including contact information and registration information.  This list will be updated with any changes as we get closer to the conference.  If you would like to volunteer to host an event, please see the Registration and Logistics page for instructions on how to get your event added to this list.

Opportunities for discussion, informal gatherings, and game design conversations are also more difficult to manage in an online conference.  As with the game demos, playtests, and general gameplay discussed above, we would like to make it possible for you, as participants, to set up opportunities for some degree of small group conversations. If you would like to host a social gathering or conversation about a game design topic, you can use this form to sign up and we will post this event information for all of our participants on this page starting on August 5.  See the Registration and Logistics page for more information if you have questions about signing up.